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This code of conduct is created to help players know the best way to relate to others and build long lasting friendships and friendly enemies.

1) Support your Team

Mega Wars IV is ultimately a team game and although it can be played individually, there is less chance of success when playing alone. Look to your team leader for direction on how to best make the team a success.

2) Drive Constructive Feedback

Player feedback is an important force in the decision making process for Mega Wars IV. If you want to make your voice heard, take time to let us know. When you give feedback, make sure you present yourself in a calm, well thought out manner.

3) Facilitate Civil Discussion

When you choose to participate in a discussion with the rest of the player base, always try to be receptive to another player’s point of view. If you keep an open mind, you’d be surprised what valuable information you can glean from your fellow players. Also, be mindful of how you present your point of view. If a player feels strongly on a subject, don’t get caught up trying to have the last word. Just state your side and exit the conversation gracefully rather than give them the opportunity to pick a fight.

4) Enjoy Yourself, but not at Anyone Else’s Expense

We want you to have a lot of fun and to get excited, to have tension-filled moments, and to celebrate your success. This doesn’t mean that we’re okay with you ruining anybody else’s day.

Remember, taking a jab at your friend in the middle of the game is a lot different than making a glib remark at a complete stranger. Someone who is unfamiliar with what you consider playful may take your comment as an attack and react unfavorably. It isn’t uncommon for simple, good natured teasing to spiral out of control so do yourself a favor and don’t run the risk of sabotaging your own success.

5) Build Relationships

Mega Wars IV is ultimately a team game, and, as such, familiarity and rapport with the other competitors with whom you play is going to be a big part of your success. With that in mind, it would behoove you to adopt a cordial demeanor and attempt to make friends. Also, if you have friends who you think might be a good fit for the game and community, don’t hesitate to introduce them to the game.

Try not to fly with the same people every time. Join different teams to get to know the other players better. It is amazing what you can learn by exposing yourself to different team mates. Share your Mega Wars IV strategies with others and they in turn may give you tips that will improve your game play.

6) Show Humility in Victory, and Grace in Defeat

Wining a battle or taking a planet is one of the biggest joys that Mega Wars IV can bring you. But always bear in mind that when you’re relishing that landslide victory there is someone on the receiving end that is probably ripping their hair out. While it’s alright to celebrate, make sure that you keep any gloating (or any other mode of self-indulgence) out of public chat.

Moreover, if you’ve just lost, avoid pointing any fingers or deploying excuses. Even if you had a great game, it’s not alright to blame your team. We all know that losing can be frustrating, particularly if it’s a close game or one that’s completely one sided, but nobody likes a sore loser. Instead, congratulate your opponents on the win, and take a moment to reflect on what you could have done better. If you’re polite, you might pick up a few pointers that can help you counter your opponent’s strategy in the future.

7) Be Resolute, not Indignant

Intrinsic to the idea of competition is the notion that, when our pride is on the line, emotions tend to run high. Every person that we encounter is going to carry a different set of circumstances with them into the game, and therefore is going to have a different level of tolerance for frustration. If you end up in a game with an abusive player, don’t lower yourself to their level. Instead, politely ask them to calm down. If someone’s really starting to bother you, the squelch command is always there to resolve the situation.

And remember, while nobody likes being insulted, it pays to take a moment to consider the circumstances. Remember that this is a competitive game, and, more often than not, the other player is just venting their frustration. Try not to take it personally. Everyone has a breaking point and everyone rages sometimes. At some point you may find yourself in the other person’s shoes.

8) Leave No Newbie Behind!

We all started somewhere, and if we’re going to grow the game, we need to mentor new players. If you see a player having a bad game, or who clearly doesn’t grasp the fundamentals of the game, try offering some constructive advice. If you do so in a civil and friendly manner, it’s likely that they will be receptive. Oftentimes they’ll be downright grateful that somebody took the time to let them know how to improve instead of yelling at them.

Never get frustrated by an inexperienced player’s performance. Have a little patience, and try and help the player. At the same time, don’t be discouraged if they aren’t receptive. Some small percentage of players will get hung up on the notion that they don’t need anybody’s help, and, no matter how politely you try to lend a hand, they won’t want to hear it. That’s no reason to give up on the rest of them!

9) Lead by Example

If you share our vision of a game where players exercise good sportsmanship, help each other improve and form lasting friendships, you’ve got to start living the dream before anybody everybody else is willing to do so. It’s all well and good to say you’re on board for the revolution, but if you don’t first make yourself a paragon of model behavior, no one is going to be fooled. Nobody’s asking you to be perfect, but we do want you to, whenever possible, strive to uphold the same standards of behavior that you expect everyone else to maintain.

So, remember! Stay positive, remain calm!

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Friends come and go, enemies accumulate
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